Hall facilities


HALL A (field and track, turf practice field)

Year of construction 1985, steel frame hall

Area 11,305 m²
Usable floor area 10,200 m²
Maximum occupancy 

The turf in the middle of the hall is suitable for sports such as football, Finnish baseball, American football, ultimate and rugby. For field and track, the hall features a 300-metre running track with a Polytan surface and six lanes.

HALL B (field and track, weight training)

Year of construction 1927

Area 2,300 m²
Maximum occupancy 

A hall for track and field use, featuring a Polytan surface and facilities for weight training and throwing sports.

This hall has two long jump pits, a straight running track with four lanes, and facilities for pole vault and high jump.

HALL C (football)

Year of construction 1998, timber structure

Area 8,500 m²
Usable floor area 7,300 m² 
Maximum occupancy 

This hall features a full-length football field (100 x 64 m) with artificial turf. A curtain can be used to divide the hall into two parts. Hall C is an excellent venue for various ball sports.

HALL D (futsal/floorball)

Year of construction 2006, steel frame structure

Area 4,350 m²
Usable floor area 3,600 m² 
Maximum occupancy 

This hall features two full-length futsal fields (40 x 20 m) and two floorball fields. The fields are made of Pulastic sports flooring.

Hall D can be converted for seminars and functions (the auditorium can seat 300–500 people).


Year of construction 2013

Area 5,045
Usable floor area 4,800
Maximum occupancy 

Hall E can be converted for functions.

All halls are equipped with automatic fire-extinguishing systems.

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